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The requirement of a continuous evolution of mechanical means, in sight of the production's increase, of the reduction of the costs, of the improvement of the job conditions, of the safeguard of the atmosphere and of the product's quality, pushes us to develop some special innovations, machines and equipments, prototypes highly technological and a few activities and projects developed together with the client. Many projects and plans have had a wide spread, besides they have contributed to resolve some real problems about the agricultural and industrial mechanization, in fact we offer an immense range of specific products as for the mechanical harvesting of the olives and for the railroad. The innovative push and the elevated competences of engineering are turned to the manufacturing activity, in this way we are able to guarantee a more and more perfected product, picking the exact necessity of the client.

The company works in close collaboration with a society of development and research: the Escogita srl (engineering society), for a continuous product's innovation.

Our strategy is the continuous improvement of the products and the direct relationship with the customer, with the scope to answer diligently to its requirements.

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